Preschool Voice, Lesson One!

The voice is a very complicated thing…especially when it comes to 3-5 year olds! As children are “finding their voice” i.e. yelling, screaming, making animal noises, car noises, etc., it’s important to teach vocal health and hygiene to create healthy voice patterns and preserve vocal quality for years to come!

This unit, I am introducing the first lesson of my Preschool Voice curriculum. I had the privilege of teaching this curriculum in graduate school (shout out to my awesome supervisor!), and it has been very handy in preschool the last couple years!

Lesson One focuses on:

  • Finding your voice box
  • Our voicebox helps us do three things:
    • Talk!
    • Swallow!
    • Breathe!
  • Turning your voice box on and off…like a flashlight!
    • The bumble bee sounds turns your voice box on, /z/
    • The snake sound turns your voice box off, /s/
  • Pink, happy, and healthy voice box, vs. a red, sick, and sad voice box

Reviewing at home:

  • Remind your child that they want what kind of voice box? A pink, happy, and healthy one! 🙂
  • Ask your child what sound turns your voice box on (“sssss”), and what sound turns your voice box off (“zzzz”)
  • Ask your child what their voicebox does
  • How can you keep your voicebox pink, happy, and healthy?

Happy talking!!