Preschool Voice, Lesson Two!

Hi there!

This unit, I’ll be introducing Lesson 2 of my Preschool Voice series!

Lesson 2 focuses on: 

  • Loudness
    • Loud vs. quiet voice (loud voice is NOT yelling, quiet voice is NOT a whisper)
  • Where do we use a loud voice? A quiet voice?
  • Feelings and the voice
    • We can tell how someone is feeling just by listening to their voice

Reviewing at home:

  • Do we use a loud or quiet voice at home? At school? At the park?
  • Have your child demonstrate their quiet voice, their loud voice



Preschool Voice, Lesson One!

The voice is a very complicated thing…especially when it comes to 3-5 year olds! As children are “finding their voice” i.e. yelling, screaming, making animal noises, car noises, etc., it’s important to teach vocal health and hygiene to create healthy voice patterns and preserve vocal quality for years to come!

This unit, I am introducing the first lesson of my Preschool Voice curriculum. I had the privilege of teaching this curriculum in graduate school (shout out to my awesome supervisor!), and it has been very handy in preschool the last couple years!

Lesson One focuses on:

  • Finding your voice box
  • Our voicebox helps us do three things:
    • Talk!
    • Swallow!
    • Breathe!
  • Turning your voice box on and off…like a flashlight!
    • The bumble bee sounds turns your voice box on, /z/
    • The snake sound turns your voice box off, /s/
  • Pink, happy, and healthy voice box, vs. a red, sick, and sad voice box

Reviewing at home:

  • Remind your child that they want what kind of voice box? A pink, happy, and healthy one! 🙂
  • Ask your child what sound turns your voice box on (“sssss”), and what sound turns your voice box off (“zzzz”)
  • Ask your child what their voicebox does
  • How can you keep your voicebox pink, happy, and healthy?

Happy talking!!

Back to School!

Hi Everyone,

WOW, I really failed at updating this blog last year. Happily, now I have a personal goal for this coming school year!

I will be updating this blog semi-regularly as we begin new units (or at least trying to). My aim is to focus on a certain aspect of speech and language therapy each unit: from voice, to answering questions, pragmatic skills, pronouns, etc.


I will be posting activities and updates along the way! Hopefully this blog will serve as a resource to carry over speech and language skills at home. I am open to any requests as well, so feel free to comment below!

Below is a link to a cute “First Day of Speech” form. Feel free to print and fill it out, but please don’t feel obligated 🙂 the choice is yours! I look so forward to working with all of your children this year.

First Day of Speech Poster

Fall/Halloween Speech Activities

Happy fall, everyone!

I apologize for the delay in getting new posts up on the blog…preschool always seems to get busy busy! I wanted to offer some ideas and activities for carrying over therapy at home. I always like to offer fun carry-over activities for preschoolers, rather than worksheets or “homework”. It keeps them more engaged and is more fun for parents, too! Some are fall related, and others can be used any time of the year!

Go on a Leaf Walk

This is a great time to get in a lot of good speech sound practice, as well as “wh”- questions, and concepts! Plus, you are outside enjoying the fresh air and quality time with your child. Some examples:

  • What colors do you see?
  • Are these leaves the same or different?
  • Which leaf is bigger? Which leaf is smaller?

Board Games/Dominoes

I love using board games or dominoes for therapy, because they keep the child engaged while still allowing for therapy opportunities. Games are also great for working on pragmatics and language expansion. Typically, I have a student say a word that includes the sound I am targeting every time they take a turn. Saying phrases such as “my turn”, “your turn”, “put in”, “take out”, etc., help facilitate pragmatic skills and language expansion. Certain games also offer good counting practice, math concepts, and color concepts. Some favorites are:

  • Candyland
  • Cariboo
  • Hi-Ho Cherry-O
  • Trouble

I’ve also included a Candy Corn Question game and Halloween “wh” question game below (a little last minute, I know!) 🙂

Make a Craft 

Crafts are great for both expressive and receptive language, and can also be used as reinforcement for speech sound practice. They offer many opportunities to work on following directions, answering and asking questions, commenting, sequencing (first, then, last), etc. There are tons of craft ideas on Pinterest and google. The website Kid’s Crafts Archives also has a large variety of activities:


Like crafts, books are wonderful for both expressive and receptive language, especially with answering “wh” questions, sequencing, commenting, and predicting. This time of year, I love when we read “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything”, because you can act out the story by stomping your feet, wiggling, clapping. etc. Other great ones for fall are:

  • Leaf Man
  • When the Leaf Blew In
  • 5 Little Pumpkins
  • I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
  • Go Away Big Green Monster
  • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

Happy Halloween!!

Candy Corn Question Cards



Hi everyone, and welcome to my Speech Corner!

I would like for this blog to serve as a speech and language resource for my preschool families! I am offering information and resources on various preschool speech and language disorders, as well as activities and game ideas to help carryover therapy at home. Much of this information is from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, which has links to evidence-based articles and many other resources.

I will also gladly accept any requests! Finally, please feel free to email me or grab me after class at any time with any questions or concerns you may have :)))