About Me

Hi Everyone!

My name is Missy and I am a speech language pathologist. I received my Bachelors in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences and Bachelors in Linguistics from the University of Colorado in May 2012 (GO BUFFS!!). I received my Masters in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Memphis in May 2014 (Go Tigers, GO!!). This is my third year working as an SLP in preschool.

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My interest in speech language pathology started at a young age, as my Dad suffered from a stroke when I was 3. As a result, he has an acquired language disorder called aphasia. I grew up going to his stroke support groups and in awe of his wonderfully caring SLP. I became fascinated with languages in high school, and when I took my first linguistics and communication disorders classes sophomore year of college, I was hooked. I love that this discipline combines my love of helping others with my love of language and communication.

I had the wonderful opportunity of working in various settings with various age groups in grad school, from preschoolers to geriatrics, everywhere from schools to hospitals. I love that preschoolers are so eager to learn…they are always smiling and can brighten up the gloomiest days!

In my free time I love hiking, reading, kickboxing/lifting, and cooking. I am still working on mastering snowboarding and adopting a dog!!


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